24. Getting My Crow

Posted By on Jul 14, 2016

Getting my crow – The killer detail: So here it is… If you’ve seen the Books page of this you’ll know the title of Book 2. Here now is the cover. I hope you love it as much as I do. This is actually the third or fourth iteration of the cover. You may have read in my earlier Blog #5 and others, that early on I was advised not to be precious about my book covers. Luckily I loved both the hardback and paperback covers for If...

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23. Getting Good Grammar

Posted By on Mar 18, 2016

Getting Good Grammar – Copy-Editing: So you’ve survived the editing process and the book is finished. But before you reach for that bottle of prosecco you stashed away, there’s one more hoop to jump through (briefly described in my earlier blog #8), copy-editing. Your publisher sends the manuscript away to a professional, who applies their remarkable expertise to finding and correcting all the errors in grammar, punctuation and...

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22. Getting Feedback

Posted By on Feb 12, 2016

Getting Feedback – The Sh*t Sandwich: This term was suggested by a friendly writer I know to describe the lovely layers of fluffy praise offered by editors in hope of disguising the unsavoury feedback within. The sucker punch I mentioned in my earlier post #20 about book 2 draft 1. Sadly, this proved to be the case for my second draft too. Despite my editor’s effusive assurances that I’d done ‘great work’, and that...

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21. Getting an Award

Posted By on Nov 10, 2015

Getting an Award – And acceptance speech terror…: Thirty-six hours earlier I’d been laid up in bed with tonsillitis and fever. The antibiotics were starting to work but I couldn’t drink for courage, I’d pushed my food around my plate for an hour and if the adrenaline didn’t kick in soon I was about to topple off the acceptance speech cliff… So how did I end up here…? The source of my terror can be traced to France around 2001. Doctor...

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20. Getting On

Posted By on Sep 1, 2015

Getting On – With Book 2: The difficult second novel… I’ve let myself get rather behind with these posts, but life has continued apace. If I Should Die was published first in hardback in June 2004, and the Paperback hit the shops on New Year’s Day 2015. But in truth my last sight of it had been in November 2013 when I sent of my final proof corrections. In actual fact I haven’t read it since and never checked whether those final...

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19. Getting ‘The Question’

Posted By on Jun 16, 2015

  Getting ‘The Question’ – And whether to lie: The list of things no one told me continues to grow, but an interesting one is how to react when an interested blogger or keen-eyed literary journalist turns to you at your first PR event, drink in hand, and utters the seemingly innocent icebreaker… ‘So, what do you read?’ Be prepared. Especially if, like me, you have something to hide. And a mouthful of mushroom voulevant. So…...

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