Matthew Frank lives in Kent with his wife and three young sons. Between family life and work as an architect he tries to squeeze in a bit of mountain biking, scuba diving and midnight writing. If I Should Die is his first novel.

At least that’s what it says on Amazon. As you might suspect, that’s not all. What it doesn’t say is that Matthew Frank is tall, dark, devastatingly intelligent and irresistible to women – because none of that would be true. It might have said is that Matthew is prone to thinking about things too much or sitting on the fence listening to what other people think – or just burying his head in the sand, but those things might only be true some of the time. At other times he might be outgoing, enthusiastic, focused and determined, or just plain stubborn. It might say anything, and whether you would or should believe a word depends on whether you’ve met me and what mood we were both in at the time. What it might definitely say is that I’m happier talking about things that have happened to me than me personally, which isn’t very satisfying for this page.

Matthew is my real name – it would just be too confusing otherwise. I do go mountain-biking when I can, which is not often enough to be much good at it or particularly fit. I haven’t dived in the last year because squeezing that in around a young family and work was hard enough before all this writing thing took off, but I’m not complaining – the scuba kit can gather dust in the shed for a while. One day, there will be more time…