… is the debut from British author Matthew Frank, introducing London Metropolitan Police’s newest detective, Joseph Stark. Described as…

‘A gripping murder story … Frank brilliantly maintains a balance between the demands of a complex plot and his character’s difficulty in returning to civilian life … an accomplished first novel. (Sunday Times)

‘Quite simply the best start to a new crime series – and the best debut – I’ve read in years.’ (Sarah Hillary – bestselling author of Someone Else’s Skin and No Other Darkness)

‘Well researched and totally convincing, this is the first of several Stark books. Great news if they’re as good as this!’ (Sunday Mirror)

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It begins with vicious, apparently motiveless attacks on down and outs in South London. But when one of the homeless victims dies from his wounds, it’s murder . . .

For the Met investigation team’s newest member, Joseph Stark, death is already all too familiar. Injured in an attack that killed his fellow soldiers and tortured by nightmares since his return, Afghan veteran Stark has enough on his hands just trying to recover without enduring the scrutiny and sideways glances of his new colleagues. The drink and painkillers he’s leaning on to keep going aren’t helping. And there’s only so long he can ignore the efforts of the Ministry of Defence to speak to him.

When one of the victims of the attacks fights back it’s soon clear that there’s much more at stake than gangs preying randomly on society’s weakest members. But as Stark hunts down the truth – and the rotten heart of the crimes – his own strength is fading. It seems that the ex-soldier’s determination to see justice done may not, this time, be enough to carry him through.


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… the second book in the Joseph Stark series, was published on 8th September 2016 and is already garnering 5 STAR RATINGS on Amazon, and Goodreads!

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BOOKS 3 & 4

… continuing the Joseph Stark series, book three is well underway while book four already exists in detailed synopsis and written sections. I’m so excited about their story lines that I wish I had a time machine to fetch them from the future to share with you now!

Time to get stuck into writing…