16. Getting Distracted

Posted By matthew on Feb 26, 2015


Getting distracted – Or what to play while the book is away: Like suddenly finding yourself alone in the house for a week, there came periods of time when the manuscript was off being read, critiqued, edited, touted, and I found myself staring down the rabbit hole with nothing to write. I don’t do boredom well. The temptation to drown myself in the stack of books waiting to be read, or the next DVD box set, becomes overwhelming and before I know it that all too precious writing time is being squandered.

Simple answer – write the next book!

Book 1 first went away to my agent for his initial thoughts in early 2011. So Book 2 began then. In truth, I had started accruing a list of possible series plots already. I now have around 12 but some are more real than others. Some are just a paragraph, while others have thousands of words and several scenes written. Some may get merged, others never written, who knows. I’ll only get to write them if you buy the first one, and the second, in sufficient quantity, so…