15. Getting Published (Part 4)

Posted By matthew on Jan 30, 2015


Getting Published (Part 4) – Finish line serendipity:

The day finally arrives… PUBLICATION!

Transition from aspiring writer to published author!

The day before I’d been into the wonderful Goldsboro Books in London to sign 100 copies (without fluffing any) but on Thursday 5th June 2014 my book was finally published.

Through pure serendipity this was also our tenth wedding anniversary, and while the bookshops were opening their doors to the clambering hoards who’d been queuing round the block in sleeping bags to be the first to the till with If I Should Die, my wife and I were at Gatwick heading away for a romantic city break. We celebrated this happy double landmark with dinner on the terrace of a wonderful hotel with torchlight, fine wine, the warm Mediterranean lapping below and the beautiful medieval city of Dubrovnik illumined across the water. I can’t think of a better way.