13. Getting close now

Posted By matthew on Oct 29, 2014

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Getting close now: In a few weeks I’ll be speaking on two panels during Crimefest in Bristol, May 15th-17th, which will be the first writing festival I’ve ever attended, let alone spoken at. I anticipate feeling slightly fraudulent as, unlike every other author present, I will still not be published. My book won’t come out until the 5th of June. I have to say, I still feel rather a fraud in this whole business, it still doesn’t feel real. I’ve held a bound proof in my hand, but not yet a real copy of the final hardback. I’ll let you know how that goes… Until then, thanks for reading and please come back anytime, there will be more…

… In fact, there has been more, much more since I wrote the above. So watch this space for more posts.