11. Getting quite excited now

Posted By matthew on Oct 29, 2014


Getting quite excited now – Bound and jacketed: : The title problem had been holding up the cover art for weeks. Soon after the change, I was emailed the proposed hardback jacket. I hope you like it as much as I do. I love the imagery of transition; the moody sky sunset and falling autumnal leaves. The view of the Docklands from Greenwich Park locates the book perfectly and the lone figure with his back to you, his jacket catching the wind, invites you to meet a new character, the man of mystery, open the pages and learn more…

Weeks later another envelope arrived containing two paperback books. Having not ordered any, and being in my usual befuddled state of mind, I took these to be something my wife must have ordered – then did a double take… Hey? That’s my name! There in my hand, a brace of newly hatched penguin chicks in beautiful green plumage (see photo) – real copies of my book, right there, in my hand. If any of you are published authors you’ll recall that moment of surreal happiness. These ‘bound proofs’ are informal paperback copies of the book to be sent out to reviewers, bloggers, buyers and other authors to begin the long process of generating interest ahead of the launch.

140210 Bound Proofs