6. Getting published (Part 2)

Posted By matthew on Apr 30, 2014

galvano-magnetic-precision-clock-greenwich-observatory-london-uk-31903625Getting published (Part 2) – The pretending you’re not daring to hope bit: So your nearly agent now thinks it’s ready to send out to publishers and is now ready to become your agent. You sign the bit of paper, which if you’ve done your research you know will include certain percentages, and does. The very nice man, who has helped you turn your draft into something worth reading without charging you a penny so far and gets nothing unless he finds you a publisher is worth every percentage point. I have nothing but gratitude and affection for mine. They then send the manuscript out to the persons they think best, make polite phone calls, wait, make more phone calls, etc. You, meanwhile, stew. Act casual all you like, if you’re anything like me the wait is painful. You tell yourself you’re lucky to be where you are, this was only a hobby after all and if this one gets rejected you’ll write another and enjoy that too. Only what started as a hobby has become a hope. A nice man had told you its good and sent it to publishers to see if they agree. You are being judged.